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Multilanguage site

Do you want to translate your WordPress site into multiple languages?

Combine automatic translation, manual editing, and professional translation for quality translation at scale, on your terms.
A multilingual WordPress website serves the same content in multiple languages. It can automatically redirect users to a language based on their region, or users can select their preferred language using a dropdown link. There are a few different approaches used to create a multilingual website. manually translate all the content into languages of your choice with the help of human translators.

Multilanguage site

Choosing a WordPress Multilingual Plugin

There are several WordPress plugins that you can use to translate your website into multiple languages. You need to choose a plugin that helps you easily manage translations without making things unnecessarily difficult for your users.

In this guide, we will show you three of the top WordPress multilingual plugins with step-by-step instructions on how to set them up.

If you know which plugin you are going with, then you can directly jump to the instructions.
  1. TranslatePress
  2. WPML
  3. Polylang

Multilanguage site

Machine translation

Instant translation from leading neural machine translation engines. Choose from 100+ languages.

Manual review

Full editing control. Approve, edit and manage your automatic website translations with your team and/or translators.

Professional translation

The option to order professional translations directly from your Weglot Dashboard and have your automatic translations edited by professionals.

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