WordPress Speed & Performance Optimization Services

web pro design page speed optimization service uses industry-leading techniques. Our WordPress performance optimization speeds up your website.

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WordPress Performance

To make an identity in online business, only creating a website is not sufficient; We need to have a faster loading website too. Internet users are the most impatient personalities, if a site takes more than 3 seconds to load they will switch to your competitors’ site. WPExperts provides you with exclusive cache solutions to improve web performance.

WordPress Site Optimization

WordPress site optimization can be done using techniques such as Page Caching Configuration & Tuning, CSS & Javascript (JS) Optimization, 301 Redirect Optimization, HTACCESS file optimization, TTFB optimization, CDN Setup & Implementation for lightning-fast worldwide load times & Fast DNS Hosting, and PHP tuning.

Optimizing WordPress Security

WordPress site’s security is as important as its other features. We ensure removing all the potential security risks through limiting failed login attempts by installing a security plugin, harden your HTTP security headers, installing a valid SSL certificate, adding two-factor authentication (2FA) to your WordPress.

Minify Resources (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript)

Minification refers to the process of removing unnecessary or redundant data without affecting how the browser processes the resource like code comments and formatting, removing unused code, using shorter variable and function names, and so on.

Prioritize Visible Content

Structure the page so that the server’s initial response contains the data necessary to render the critical part of the page immediately and defer the rest. The CSS must be split into two parts: an inline part for styling the ATF (Above the Fold) portion and the CSS used below the Fold.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

CDNs can give an equally fast web experience to your users across the globe. Deploying your content across multiple, geographically dispersed servers will make your pages load faster from the users’ perspective.

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